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TANGO SHOW AND DINNER......LIVE TANGO. FEEL TANGO. ! Tourists and Locals! Obama Dancing Tango

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What is Tango? How is Tango? Tango ad Football
TANGO: Declarated part of the world's cultural heritage by the Unesco

Enjoy a lovely night watching tango, getting a local typical dinner , you will be picked up by a comfortable van so you don´t need to worry about what to do one eve night .

Local Tango: Streets . Milongas
(Only Selected Tango Places)

Add a Tango Class or Wine Tasting
From $ 120
Discount for Groups! 

Only a Tango Dancer and Tour Guide can be your 
Trip Advisor Buenos Aires Tours and Tango Advisor

CLICK ON to watch OBAMA dancing tango!

CLICK ON if you want to watch TANGO AT STREETS 

CLICK ON to watch TANGO-FOOTBALL relation

CLICK ON this link if you want to watch ME DANCING espontaneously 

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Buenos Aires Tango Tickets
1st Class Tango Shows Dinner

Robert De Niro Shows Off His Tango Skills in Buenos Aires for Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

Why not you????????????

What do you expect ?
  • Professional dancers very sexy and with wonderful dresses
  • Transfers pick up and dropp off (hotel or port)
  • Optional Menu. Local Food. Deluxe! (Celebrities: Madonna, Sting, Robert Duval, Matt Damon, Mick Jagger, etc...)
  • Orchestra. Singers. Dancers. A gaucho. 
  • Tango Class Option or Wine Tasting
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VIDEO. How is a Tango Show?

MOVIE:  Scent of a Woman" with Al Pacino.


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OTHER OPTIONS. Go with locals! 

A Local Milonga. Where argentinians go to dance. The REAL tango ballroom.There are many! Depend on the day and the organizator is the main point to go to the right place.
Everything depends on the place you go. There are different locals milongas: from old fashion and very formal to new electronic tango and very informal. We can visit one, two or more

Before coming to the TANGO WORLD please read the rules:TIME TO GO: Many dancing couples share the milonga dance floor. To dance without bumping into each other, you should choose – either you get there early or leave late.
CLOTHES: It is necessary to have some of the following elements of the basic: Tango Kit:An extra T-shirt or shirt, hairdressing (for a retouch), an extra pair of socks, make up (for a retouch), dancing shoes (in a bag), a pair of heelless shoes (to rest), talcum powder for the soles (in case the dance floor is not slippery enough).
MEN...HOW TO INVITE A WOMAN...How to invite a woman to dance.The milonguero has two options:- Cabeceo (nodding). The man and the woman look at each other, and only if she continues to stare him out, he will very delicately nod to her.- The boldest method: the milonguero approaches the table where the woman chosen is sitting and invites her to dance.
WOMEN....HOW TO BE INVITED BY MEN...What to do to be invited to dance.First, you’ve got to put on your dancing shoes. Then, sit looking at the dance floor with your legs slightly extended so that a man may stumble on your feet. This is how the encounter (and invitation) occurs.

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