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ACCOMODATION IN BA. Your Private Guide as Hotel Advisor!

Private Tours by Local Private Guide since 2004.
I dont book hotels. Just info for you. I do local city and tango tours.

ADVISE : I don´t have any commissions for mention those hotels. 
HOTEL CONCIERGES: will offer tours. They get commissions for the tours they offer. So at this moment I can loose you. Come back! contact me and let´certified independent quality guides do the tour for you. Thanks

Buenos Aires is divided into barrios, which means neighborhoods. Each one of them has something special to offer and has an important story that identifies the spirit and their characteristics. I DON´T MAKE HOTEL RESERVATIONS. Only give the info then you can decide according to your Budget and expectations.

Give a look to áreas and hotel I have been working for:

This is the Paris of SouthAmerica. Most of the best hotels in Buenos Aires are here. Close to the touristic areas. Nice walking around full of Parks. Close to Cemenetery where Evita is.
Barrio Norte
Barrio Norte borders Recoleta, is busier and more commercialized around Santa Fe Avenue full of stores for middle upper middle class.

Alvear Palace Hotel Recoleta. One of the luxury hotels. French elegant.
Hyatt Park Hotel Recoleta. One of the luxury hotels.
Ulyses Recoleta
Urban Suites Recoleta
Cyan Recoleta
Ayres de Recoleta
Intersur Recoleta
Art Hotel Barrio Norte
Casa Sur Hotel Recoleta. Beatiful hotel boutique.
Four Season Hotel Recoleta. One of the luxury hotels.
Loi Suites Hotel Recoleta
Sofitel Hotel Recoleta. One of the luxury hotels.
Melia Posadas Hotel Recoleta
Unique Park Chateau Hotel Barrio Norte
Bel Air Hotel Barrio Norte
Etoile Recoleta
Mio Recoleta
Algodón Mansión Recoleta


Palermo is the biggest area in town. Is divided into two sections: Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood, This is the trendiest part of Buenos Aires full of nightlife. Like Soho New York. Fashion. Cool. Full or restaurants and coffees and bars and trendy stores. Far from touristic places.
Miravida Hotel Palermo
Fierro Hotel Palermo
Palermo Place Hotel Palermo
Home Hotel Palermo
Mine Hotel Palermo
Esplendor Palermo
Legado Mistico Palermo
Malabia House Palermo
Bobo Hotel Boutique

You can find lot of hotels (different levels) around as it is a busy district. Full of stores and offices. During day is crowded. During night not. 
Pulitzer Hotel Downtown
Regal Pacific Hotel Downtown
Sheraton Hotel Retiro Downtown
Sheraton Libertador Downtown
Marriot Plaza Hotel Downtown
Casa Calma Hotel DownTown
Claridge Hotel Downtown
Nogaro Hotel Downtown
NH Tango Hotel Downtown
Park Tower Sheraton Hotel Retiro Downtown

Puerto Madero
Puerto Madero is safe and expensive little appart from the main streets of the city, full of 1st class of restaurants. Lovely at sunset and night. This is an historic dock district as it was an old port wich was completely renovated.
Faena Hotel Puerto Madero. One of the most expensive hotels in town.
Hilton Hotel Puerto Madero

Madero Hotel Puerto Madero

San Telmo
This is an historical heritage protected by a law. The area of the origins with a beatiful street market on Sundays. Sometimes safe sometimes not. Close to touristic areas like PInk House.
Vitraux Hotel San Telmo
Babel Hotel Boutique San Telmo


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